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Jail Visitation


Video visitation is recorded.

  • Visiting will be by appointment Monday to Friday from 1-3:30 p.m. and MUST be scheduled online at
  • Inmates must be in general population before they are eligible for visits.
  • Each inmate will be allowed two (2) thirty (30) minutes visits.
  • These visitors cannot schedule two visits back to back with the same people.
  • Visitors must not have a valid no-contact order and must meet the jail criteria for a valid visitor. The visitor cannot visit if they pose a threat to the safety and security of the facility.
  • Adult Visitors- anyone age 18 and over is considered an adult. These visitors must have a valid state issued ID.
  • Children Visitors- anyone age 17 or younger are considered children here. These visitors do not need ID. They must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian.
  • Maximum number of people at one visit is four (4). This includes children.
  • Staff reserves the right to deny anyone a visit if the person is disruptive or causes a safety and security concern.
  • Electronic or digital communications devices are NOT allowed in the Law Center. These devices must either stay in his/her vehicle or other nonpublic place outside the complex.

Inappropriate Behaviors and Consequences

  • Visitors are required to wear appropriate clothing to visit. No muscle shirts, discretionary/revealing attire, halter tops, midriffs, dresses, skirts, bathing suits, or shorts extending higher than 3 inches above the knee will be permitted. The jail staff has the final say as to the appropriateness of the outfit a visitor is wearing. If it is not acceptable, the visit will be terminated.
  • Anyone who exposes themselves or performs any lewd or inappropriate act will cause the visit to be terminated immediately and the visitor to be banned from visitation and/or criminally charged. The inmate will do disciplinary time and/or be criminally charged.
  • Visitors and inmates must maintain a civil attitude while waiting for, during and after visitation. Violation of this rule could result in the visitor being suspended or banned and/or the inmate facing disciplinary action.


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