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Boards & Commissions

We will always accept applications for current and future openings.  To apply, complete a Boards and Commission Application form and mail it to Administrative Services Office.

Board of Adjustment

The Clinton County Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board made up of five citizens appointed by the County Board of Supervisors, with the majority residing in the unincorporated area of the county. Members serve 5-year terms. Learn more on the Board of Adjustment page.

Earl Burken, Board Member
Term Ends: 6/1/29
Term Length: 5 Years
Chris Frame, Board Member
Term Ends: 6/1/25
Term Length: 5 Years
Wayne Grantz, Board Member
Term Ends: 6/1/26
Term Length: 5 Years
John Tuthill , Board Member
Term Ends: 6/1/28
Term Length: 5 Years

Board of Health

Five-member board with three-year terms. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every other month at the County Administration Building. Duties: The County Board shall have jurisdiction over public health matters within the County, except as set forth per Code of Iowa Chapter 137.

Mary Malcom, DO, Chairperson
Term Ends: 12/31/26
Term Length:
Don Thiltgen, Vice Chairperson
Term Ends: 12/31/25
Term Length:
Jenna Lovaas, Board Member
Term Ends: 12/31/24
Term Length:
Jean Morgan, RN, BSN, MSED, Board Member
Term Ends: 12/31/25
Term Length:
Chelsea Sullens, DPT, Board Member
Term Ends: 12/31/25
Term Length:

Civil Service Commission

Clinton County Board of Review

Clinton/Jackson Early Childhood Iowa Board

Jack Willey, Chair
Linda Hledik, Vice-Chair
Lindsey Burken
Gwen Deming
Peter Duytschaever
Nin Flagel, Jackson County Board of Supervisors
Sarah Hogan
Charlie Minnick
Roberta Rosheim
Dan Srp, Clinton County Board of Supervisors

Communications Board

Compensation Commission (Right of Way)

This Commission has a minimum of 28 members representing realtor's, farmers, bankers, auctioneers and city property owners appointed every year for a one-year term. Duties: Section 6B4 of the Code of Iowa entitled “Commission to Assess Damages”.  Only called upon when needed.

Conservation Board

Brian Grell, Chairperson
Jeff Beckwith, Vice Chair
Karen Bradway
Gloria Freidrichsen
Dan Srp

E911 Board

Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Authority Commission

Two member board with a two-year term. Duties: follow the bylaws of the EIRHA – attend up to six board meetings per year in Dubuque. Qualifications: individuals who are interested in housing and who do not have rental properties on the EIRHA program and who are not local elected officials or city employees.

ECI Executive Committee

Elwood Community Sanitary District

Emergency Management Commission

Examining Board County Assessor

Historic Preservation Commission

Justice Coordinating Commission

Jeannette Archer-Simmons
ASAC, King House Manager
Becky Eskildsen
Clinton County Mental Health Coordinator
Kelly Greenwalt
Probation Officer/Department of Corrections
Sheriff Bill Greenwalt
Clinton County
Judge Marlita Greve
Chief Judge
Kevin Gyrion
City of Clinton Police Department
Lt. Paul Hammond
Clinton County Jail Administrator
Kim Hess
Clerk of Court
Scott Maddasion
City of Clinton Mayor
Chief Dave Porter
Gateway Area Police Administrator/DeWitt Police Chief
Kim Ralston
Director, Community Assistance Program
Greg Reckman
Probation Officer/Department of Corrections
Amanda Schwartz
Clinton County Sheriff's Office, CCJCC Recorder
Judge Kim Shepherd
District Associate Court
Dan Srp
Board of Supervisors
Vacant Vacant
Citizen Member, Clinton County
Vacant Vacant
Coordinator, CCJCC
Mike Wolf
County Attorney
Jack Wolfe
Defense Attorney; Bar Association

Pioneer Cemetery Commission

Clinton County Pioneer Cemetery Commission envisions the pioneer cemeteries of Clinton County as public spaces that honor the families represented within them. Learn more on our Cemeteries page.

Ann Soenksen, Chair
Al Rogis, Vice Chair
Ruth Wilson, Secretary
Dale Bergert
Bill Fatchett
Linda Gasper
Alan Green
Luke Lubben

Planning and Zoning Commission

County Planning and The Clinton Zoning Commission is made up of five citizens appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members serve 5-year terms and the majority live in the unincorporated areas of the County. Learn more on the Planning and Zoning Commission page.

Jerome Burken
Term Ends: 6/30/25
Term Length: 5 Years
Christopher Frame
Term Ends: 6/30/26
Term Length: 5 Years
Murl McClulloh
Term Ends: 6/30/27
Term Length: 5 Years
Peter Whitman
Term Ends: 6/30/29
Term Length: 5 Years

River Bend Services, Inc.

Sewage Treatment Commission

Veterans Affairs Commission

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