• Rolling cornfield with red barn in background
  • Yellow corn field with single tree under a cloudy sky
  • Park bench under the shade of trees
  • Eagle Point Park Castle
  • Rusty old red truck in the bushes
  • Looking out on forest and river in Eagle Point Park
  • Corn field with farm in the background
  • Kayaking on the Mississippi River
  • Golden corn field with farm and grain elevators in the background
  • Old wagon with yellow wheels surrounded by flowers in a corn field


Property values reside on Vanguard, a local government GIS for the web.

Assessor Data Website

Phone: (563) 244-0569
Fax: (563) 244-0577
Email: btiesman@clintoncounty-ia.gov


Jail Information
Weapons Permits

Rick Lincoln, Clinton County Sheriff
Phone: (563) 242-9211
Fax: (563) 242-6307
Email: ccso@gapa911.us

County Treasurer

Motor Vehicle Registration
Property Tax

Rhonda McIntyre, Clinton County
Phone: (563) 244-0573
Fax: (563) 243-6874
Email: treasurer@clintoncounty-ia.gov