Sergeant Paul Hammond
Lieutenant Paul Hammond
Jail Administrator
 Sergeant Tom Christoffersen
Megan Govier
Civilian Assistant Jail Administrator



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VISITATION-(Video Visitation is recorded)
  1. Visiting will be by appointment Monday to Friday from 1-3:30pm and MUST be SCHEDULED ONLINE at
  2. Inmates must be in general population before they are eligible for visits.
  3. Each inmate will be allowed two (2) thirty (30) minute visits.
  4. These visitors cannot schedule two visits back to back with the same people.
  5. Visitors must not have a valid no-contact order and must meet the jail criteria for a valid visitor. The visitor cannot visit if they pose a threat to the safety and security of the facility.
  6. Adult Visitors- anyone age 18 and over is considered an adult. These visitors must have a valid state issued ID.
  7. Children Visitors- anyone age 17 or younger are considered children here. These visitors do not need ID.  They must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian.
  8. Maximum number of people at one visit is 4 this includes children.
  9. Staff reserves the right to deny anyone a visit if the person is disruptive or causes a safety and security concern.
  10. Electronic or digital communications devices are NOT allowed in the Law Center. These devices must either stay in his/her vehicle or other nonpublic place outside the complex.
 Inappropriate Behaviors and Consequences
  1. Visitors are required to wear appropriate clothing to visit. No muscle shirts, discretionary/revealing attire, halter tops, midriffs, dresses, skirts, bathing suits, or shorts extending higher than 3 inches above the knee will be permitted. The jail staff has the final say as to the appropriateness of the outfit a visitor is wearing. If it is not acceptable, the visit will be terminated.
  2. Anyone who exposes themselves or performs any lewd or inappropriate act will cause the visit to be terminated immediately and the visitor to be banned from visitation and/or criminally charged. The inmate will do disciplinary time and/or be criminally charged.
  3. Visitors and inmates must maintain a civil attitude while waiting for, during and after visitation. Violation of this rule could result in the visitor being suspended or banned and/or the inmate facing disciplinary action


PHONE HOURS: 8:00am through 10:00pm- 7 DAYS A WEEK
  • Inmates may use phone cards or make collect telephone calls from the cell blocks. All calls may be monitored for security reasons.
  • Jail staff shall not receive phone calls or pass on messages to or for any inmate.
  • Inmates may make person to person calls only. No third party (3-WAY) calls. If telephone use is other than direct party to party, such as by code or through a 3-way call, violators may lose telephone privileges permanently.
  • You may purchase a $20, $50, $100 phone card for any inmate. A copy of the purchased card will be delivered directly to the inmate to use.
  • You may purchase these phone cards or set up collect calls by calling Reliance Telephone System at 800-896-3201 or .
If you are receiving collect calls from the Clinton County Jail and wish to block these calls, billing information, or are having any type of problem accepting calls, please call Reliance Telephone at 800-896-3201.


The jail will accept only the following property: 
  • Money - The staff of the Clinton County Sheriff's Office will not accept cash or personal check for an inmate's account.  Family and Friends must use the Cashier machine located in the Law Center lobby. The Cashier machine will accept Credit/Debit cards and cash (No $1.00 bills) and there is a small fee for each transaction
  • You may also add money to an inmate’s account by visiting
  • Legal Documents
  • Five (5) pictures not larger than 3” x 5” (we do not accept Polaroid’s)
  • All other hygiene supplies, etc. can be purchased on commissary.
Money may be released for the following reasons only:
  • Attorney fees
  • To pay your own fines
  • To post your own bond
  • Commissary Supplies
  • To make your work release payments



  • Mail should be addressed to the inmate as follows: Clinton County Jail (inmate name) P.O. Box 2957 Clinton, IA 52733
  • Incoming letter may be opened and inspected for contraband or other matters of concern to the Clinton County Jail in regard to security, safety and control.
  • Show complete name and address on the envelope of sending party.
  • Any letters without a return address will be considered non-deliverable or considered contraband and will be returned to the Post Office.
  • Greeting cards larger than 6” x 9” will be placed in the inmate’s personal property locker and be given to them upon release.