Zoning Permits

Do I need a Zoning Permit?

Zoning permits (building permits) are required to ensure that the construction planned is for a legal use of the property and that all zoning setback requirements are met.  Zoning permits can only be issued for construction on lots that meet all requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.  Permit applications with the appropriate fee are required prior to beginning construction for all non-farm structures in the unincorporated areas of Clinton County.  Construction may not begin until the permit has been approved.  Construction is considered to be any work involving the erection, construction, reconstruction, moving, conversion, alteration or addition to any building or structure.  If an existing structure is being expanded (horizontally or vertically) a permit is required.  Minimum setbacks from property lines are included in the Summary of Bulk Standards.  A Zoning Permit application form is available here.