Types of Care

The Iowa Veterans Home has three levels of care.  The Resident is evaluated to determine the level of care that best fits his/her needs.  These types of care are:

  1. RESIDENTIAL CARE (Domiciliary) is the area where the Resident cares for his/her own needs with the exception of meals which are provided in a central dining room.  Medical and nursing supervision are available on regular and frequent, but not continuous basis.
  2. NURSING CARE (Nursing Home Care) are those areas in which the Resident requires ongoing nursing supervision and/or assistance in one or all areas of physical needs and activities of daily living.  Care in this area ranges from total assistance in all care needs to supervision of one or two care needs, depending upon the Resident's capabilities.  Medical care is available on a regular and frequent, but not continuous basis.
  3. INFIRMARY CARE (Hospital Type Care) is the area where the Resident/Patient needs constant medical and nursing supervision of his/her physical condition(s) and assistance in all areas of daily living.  The Home offers a wide range of rehabilitation programming based on the individual needs of its Residents and encourages each to participate.