Computation of Resident Support Charges

Residents or legal representatives are required to pay support charges from the resident's liquid assets, long-term care insurance benefits and/or from incomes.  The charge for nursing/infirmary care is the per diem cost submitted by IVH to the Department of Human Services for Medicaid Certified Units.  IVH is a Medicaid approved facility and residents who qualify may be enrolled.  The charge for residential level of care (domiciliary) is the actual cost of that care.  Both amounts shall be reduced by any third party offsets such as VA Per Diems, (Veterans Only) and the usual Medicare premium for those enrolled.  The resident shall then contribute all available resources (assets and/or incomes) less up to $90 (personal needs allowance) up to the charge for care.  Residents will be post-billed for support provided with payment due by the 10th of the month.  Please call the IVH Adjutant's Office for the current daily charges.

The maximum aid and attendance charge for those service connected veterans is receipt of compensation with additional aid and attendance benefits, shall not exceed the maximum amount paid by non-service connected veterans in receipt of aid and attendance as a part of the pension benefit.