Iowa Veteran's Home

The Iowa Veterans Home, established in 1887, is a state-operated veterans facility, governed by Chapter 35D of the Code of Iowa.  It is presently one of 87 State Veterans Homes in 42 states and provides long-term health care services for Iowa's aged, chronically-ill, handicapped veterans and dependent/surviving spouses.  Admitted are honorably discharged veterans of all military services who are eligible for admission to a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center for care and who meet the residency requirements of Iowa.  They must be disabled by disease, wounds, old age, or otherwise unable to earn a livelihood.  Spouses or surviving spouses of qualified veterans are eligible for admission if they have been married to the veteran for one year before the date of application and meet the residency requirements of Iowa.  The County Commissioners of Veterans Affairs, located in each county of the State, serve as the referral agency for admission to the Veterans Home.

To meet the multiple health care needs of the resident's/patient's, three levels of professional health care services are provided:  Infirmary Care (26 beds), Nursing Home Care (691 beds), which includes an Alzheimer's Unit and Special Care Unit for those with dementias, and Domiciliary Care (113 beds).  Services provided include medical, optometry, podiatry, dermatology, respiratory therapy, laboratory/x-ray, pharmacy, dental, nursing, psychology, dietary, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, recreational and speech therapy, audiology, arts and crafts, ceramics, woodworking, greenhouse, volunteer services, social services, all faiths religious services and the necessary support services.  A strong rehabilitation philosophy exists within the provided programming.

Funding for the operation of the Veterans Home is provided by the State of Iowa through the legislative process; however, the residents/patients pay a part of their cost based on their individual income and assets.  Also the Home receives revenues through Title XIX and Medicare Part "B", Fee-for-Service, programs.

Title 38, United States Code, Chapter 641-643, Veterans Benefits, authorizes per diem payments to the State by the Department of Veterans Affairs at rates prescribed by law:  Hospital-type Care (IVH Infirmary)--$39.74 Nursing Home Care--$39.74 and Domiciliary Care--$16.13.  The monies received from the residents/patients, Title XIX, Medicare Part "B", Fee-for-Service, programs and the Department of Veterans Affairs are returned to the Treasury of Iowa, which reduces the net cost of the operation to the state to under 41 percent.

Title 38, U.S.C., Chapters 5031-5037, Grants for Construction of State Home Facilities, authorizes grants to assist States with construction projects involving State Veterans Homes.  Iowa, through this Grant Program, has completed construction of a 360-bed Nursing Care building in 1978; remodeled an existing 113-bed Infirmary/Skilled care area in 1979; completed construction of a 180-bed Nursing care building dedicated May 8, 1981; completed the renovation of our existing Domiciliary facility in 1983; and completed the remodeling of the Loftus Building October 1, 1985.  Our campus initially was totally updated to meet Regulatory Agencies' requirements with the construction costing the State of Iowa 36.7 cents on the dollar.  However, with the enactment of OBRA Regulations, we now have to remodel to meet these latest requirements and the increasing health care needs of those admitted for care.

The programming at the Iowa Veterans Home is monitored by Regulatory Agencies; Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations as a long-term health care facility; prescribed care standards, Department of Veterans Affairs; Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, Code of Iowa 135C; State Fire Marshal's Office; and the Life Safety Standards.

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To reach the Iowa Veteran's Home by phone call (800) 645-4591.

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