VA Priority Groups

  • Priority Group 1.  Veterans with service-connected conditions rated 50 percent or more disabling or have been discharged or released from the military less than 12 months (365 days).
  • Priority Group 2.  Veterans with service-connected conditions rated 30-40 percent or more disabling.
  • Priority Group 3.
      >  Veterans who are former prisoners of war.
      >  Veterans with service-connected conditions rated 10-20 percent disabling.
      >  Veterans discharged from active duty for a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.
      >  Veterans awarded special eligibility classification under 38 U.S.C., Section 1151.
  • Priority Group 4.
      >  Veterans who are receiving Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits.
      >  Veterans who have been determined by VA to be catastrophically disabled.
  • Priority Group 5.  Veterans who have an annual income and net worth below the means test threshold.
  • Priority Group 6.  All other eligible veterans who are not required to make co-payments for their care including:
      >  World War I and Mexican Border War veterans.
      >  Veterans solely seeking care for disorders associated with exposure to a toxic substance, radiation or for disorder associated with service in the Persian Gulf.
      >  Compensable zero percent service-connected veterans.
  • Priority Group 7.  Non service-connected veterans and zero percent non-compensable service-connected veterans with income and net worth above the statutory threshold and who agree to pay specified co-payments.  At this time there is a co-payment for each prescription and office visit.  The VA can collect from your insurance carrier but not from medicare.
Veterans may be required to meet a financial means test to qualify.