Medication Disposal

Photo of three open medication bottles on their sides with blue and pink pills rolling outSeniors vs. Crime and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office work closely with the Gateway Impact Coalition, a community coalition dedicated to finding and implementing solutions to substance abuse issues.  Of particular concern to Seniors vs. Crime is the issue of prescription drug abuse and mis-use. Senior citizens account for 13% of the population, but account for one-third of medications prescribed in the US.  We work to educate the senior citizen community on:
  • securing their medications to prevent theft or diversion
  • monitoring those medications to avoid mis-use
  • properly disposing of unneeded medications, which prevents them from falling into the hands of abusers, and keeps them out of groundwater and water supply, thus diminshing contamination of this critical community resource
                   Drop-off locations
  • Camanche Police Department, 819 South Washington Blvd., Camanche, Iowa
  • DeWitt Police Department, 1505 6th Avenue, DeWitt, Iowa
  • Fulton City Hall, 413 11th Avenue, Fulton, Illinois
  • HyVee Pharmacy, 901 South 4th Street, Clinton
  • Scott Thrifty White Drug, 629 6th Avenue, DeWitt
  • Wagner Pharmacy & Integrated Health, 1726 North, 2nd Street, Clinton
  • Walgreens North, 1905 N. 2nd Street, Clinton, Iowa
  • Walmart Pharmacy, 2715 S. 25th Street, Clinton, Iowa
For more information on the Gateway Impact Coalition, go to, or call 563-241-4371.
To learn more on the misuse of prescription drugs, view the brochure, Prescription Drug MisusePDF icon

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