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Emergency Management Grant Funding Program

Throughout Clinton County a need for additional generators exists. The Clinton County Emergency Management Commission has chosen to attempt to address this need as best it can within the scope of Emergency Planning. While the Grant Program will not be able to address all generator needs within the County, it is the Commission’s goal to address the critical infrastructure and sheltering needs within the County to the best of its ability as funding allows.

First Priority will be given to generators that will be incorporated into new construction. The Commission feels that this is the best time to incorporate emergency generators into buildings and the most cost efficient. Priority will also be given to government buildings that may be used for sheltering citizens during and after a disaster. These buildings shall meet minimum shelter requirements as prescribed by the Red Cross and have a written agreement for sheltering with the Gateway Area Red Cross and/or with the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency before the installation of the generator or generator related equipment. (It is also allowable for an entity who wishes to upgrade wiring and install switch gear so that a building can accept a generator in lieu of purchasing a generator to apply for funding.) Additional consideration will also be given to critical government facilities (e.g. Fire Stations, City Halls, Public Works, and Police Departments) that are currently without emergency power. Non Government buildings may also apply for Grant funding. The Grant Program is intended for purchasing generators for the local community, however, it is possible that there are other emergency preparedness needs that are not being addressed or funded through other sources. If you are applying for funds for a non-generator program, the Commission may have different requirements and ask for different documentation as it sees necessary. If you are applying for a non-generator project, please provide an additional page describing your request as well as why this should be considered with other Grants. Please explain how the project being funded will be a countywide asset/resource and how the project will enhance the emergency preparedness of Clinton County. You will also need to give specifics on how your agency will make this resource available to other agencies within the County.

All projects funded through the Grant Program must be located within the borders of Clinton County.

Grant Applications will be made available no later than the first business day of July each year. All application for the Grant Program are due by 4:00 p.m. the first business day of November. Applications should be emailed to [email protected] or sent to or dropped off at the Emergency Management Agency Office, Clinton County Law Center, 241 7th Ave N, P.O. Box 2957, Clinton, IA 52733. Any applications received after the deadline will only be considered if funding is available after all applications received by November 1 are considered. Decisions on Grant Recipients will be made no later than the close of business on the first business day in March with notifications to follow via USPS. Funds for approved projects will be released no later than the 4th quarter of the following fiscal year, and funds must be requested prior to June 10th of that year. (For example, applications would be due in November 2020, decisions would be made by March 2021, and grant funds would be available for use in April of 2022 and must be requested no later than June 10th.)

Emergency Management Grant Application