The Clinton County Community Student Loan Assistance Program was created to help ease the financial burden of student loans while recruiting and retaining top talent through a progressive debt relief initiative.
The Clinton County leadership team understands that the $1.5 trillion in student loan debt shouldered by more than 45 million Americans serves as an impediment to economic growth in rural counties. Investment in the purchase of a home, vehicle or starting of a family, may be delayed due to the financial burden of student loan debt.
Individuals enrolled in the Clinton County Community Student Loan Assistance Program will receive $30 a month toward the payoff of their student loan debt. Eligible candidates have the opportunity to receive additional contributions through an established partnership with county-based municipalities and community school districts.

Here is a two-page quick reference guide to the program: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2
  1. Complete and download the Clinton County Community Student Loan Assistance Program Application
  2. Attach proof of residence, both current and prior, as part of the submission.
  3. Submit your application to Clinton County, Iowa. There are two ways of submitting:
    1. Email to [email protected], or
    2. Print and hand-deliver/mail to the Clinton County Auditor’s Office at: 1900 N 3rd St., Clinton, IA, 52732
  • Applicant must meet all qualifications through the duration of eligibility of the County and the third-party program administrator.
  • Applicant may be in the program for no longer than five years.
  • Applicant must certify annually their residency within Clinton County.
  • Applicant must notify the County within 30 days of changing residency outside of Clinton County.
  • The County maintains its privilege to terminate the program with any individual with a 60-day notice.
The County may reject any application based on the availability of funds for the program.