People Cause Them

Property Pays Them

Fair Assessment Equalizes Them


How Are They Calculated?


"A" (Assessed Value) Times "B" (Rate) Equals TAXES
If ASSESSED VALUE increases then the RATE must decrease because the TOTAL TAX DOLLARS to be collected are a known constant for the year involved.


The County Treasurer sends bills and collects taxes based on Approved Budgets and Rates as determined by the County Auditor.

The Assessors main concern is equity, his most important duty is to ensure that each property is appraised fairly as compared to all other properties.  This means maintaining the proper relationship of value from one property to another.  Relationship of one property to another is more important than the absolute value assigned.  If true equity exists then each property will pay taxes based on the actual proportion that each property has to the combined value of the whole.