Water - Well Testing, Plugging and Rehabilitation

  1. Private well testing for Coliform Bacteria, E-coli Bacteria and Nitrates(no charge to well owner)
    For other tests (fluoride, lead, etc.) a fee may be charge
    Tests performed for real estate transfer purposes or merchandise soliciting  may be charged accordingly.
  2. Abandoned Water Well Plugging
    Through a grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources we have monies to help anyone who is plugging their old wells. Check with us if you plan to do the work yourself as you will have to know the procedures. If you have a contractor that person should have the application sheet (Iowa DNR form) or we can send you one if you call our office.  The contractor has to sign that sheet and we'll need a copy of the paid bill also. 
  3. Private Water Well Rehabilitation 
    Part of our grant also covers monies to help with well rehabilitation. This should be done by a licensed contractor. This money helps in the cost of having your well head raised up out of a pit to above ground level. This also has an Iowa DNR form you can get from the contractor who'll need to sign it and we'll need copies of the bill for that too.


Always call our office to see if we have money left first!