Requirements for opening a new food service establishment or retail food establishment

  1. Provide a set of plans showing the equipment layout, the location of the restrooms and the location of the mop sink.
  2. The plans shall include a 3 compartment sink with at least one drain board. The sinks shall be large enough to hold your largest piece of equipment. A dish machine that sanitizes either by heat or by chemical can be used in place of a 3 compartment sink. There shall also be a hand sink or sinks in the preparation area. The number of hand sinks is based on accessibility to the employees while they are preparing food.
  3. All surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings, preparation surfaces and equipment) shall be smooth, durable and easily cleaned.
  4. Once the plans have been approved a copy of the plan approval form will be given to the Health Department.
  5. Any modifications to the approved plans must be okayed by the Health Department.
  6. The applications can be filled out and fees paid anytime prior to the pre-opening inspection. License fees are based on gross sales (or anticipated gross sales).
  7. A food service establishment (RS) license is required for individual portions such as in a restaurant.
  8. A retail food establishment license (FE) license is required for an operation that stores, prepares, serves or provides food for off-premise consumption.
  9. If the main business is a food service establishment and retail food service establishment sales are under $20,000 you can operate with just a food service establishment license. If your main business is a retail food establishment, and in addition you have a food service establishment, then you need to obtain both licenses.
  10. An inspection is required prior to opening.