General Information Clinton County Mental Health


Office hours:  8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday
Telephone Number:  (563) 244-0563

Our Mission Statement says, "It is the belief of Clinton County that providing appropriate, efficient, cost effective services to individuals with Mental Illness, Chronic Mental Illness, Mental Retardation, or Developmental Disability is in the best interest of all the residents of Clinton County.  This Plan has been developed with consumer choice, empowerment, and the community in mind."

The Plan this Mission Statement references is called the Clinton County Management Plan.  This Plan dictates and provides guidelines for management of the Mental Health Funds.  It is important to understand that our office does not provide services, we manage the funds paid to contracted providers by ensuring persons requesting services meet "eligibility guidelines".

Eligibility guidelines mean the person has a diagnosis defined under the Clinton County Management Plan, must meet income and resource guidelines, again as defined under the Clinton County Management Plan, and must either be a resident of Clinton County or have a legal settlement in Clinton County.  Also, an individual cannot just request any service, our Plan defines what services Clinton County will fund specific to each covered diagnosis.

Additionally, since our office is responsible to manage Clinton County dollars, we expect that when an individual (and/or their representing services provider) requests a service, the individual must have a demonstrated need, the service is cost effective with no other identified payment source and is a covered service under our Clinton County Management Plan.

Persons wishing to complete the required Central Point of Coordination Application  to determine if they are eligible for county assistance may either complete the application on-line and email back to this office, or contact our office to schedule an appointment to complete the application.

Persons who are unsure if they meet eligibility guidelines or have questions regarding services that Clinton County provides may contact our office.