Lieutenant Craig Eberhart
Lieutenant Craig Eberhart
Jail Administrator
 Sergeant Joe Steffen
Sergeant Joe Steffen
Assistant Jail Administrator


Monday through Saturday,  1:00pm -  4:00pm

  • All visitors must leave the Jail floor by 4:00pm.
  • There will be no Sunday or evening visits.
  • All visitors must be 18 years of age and have a current official (state) picture identification card. 
  • Each inmate may have up to six names of persons on a visiting list each month.  To visit, your name must appear on the list.
  • Each inmate is allowed two (2) visits per week (Monday through Saturday) with a limit of three (3) visitors per visit.
  • No one who has been in this jail in the past 180 days may visit.
  • Any visitor who brings contraband into the jail will have their visiting privileges permanently revoked.
  • Visitors must leave all purses, coats, jackets, hats, etc. in the lockers provided or leave them in their car.  The lockers are located by the front doors.  Keys are in the locks.  Visitors are to keep the key with them while they are visiting and return the key to the locker when they leave.
  • Visitors and inmates are expected to adhere to a code of behavior which is decent and non-offensive to the other visitors, inmates, and staff.  Profanity will not be tolerated and visitors will be asked to leave. 


PHONE HOURS:  8:00am through 10:00pm - 7 DAYS A WEEK

  • Inmates may make collect telephone calls from the cell blocks.  These calls may be monitored from time to time for security reasons. 
  • Jail staff shall not receive phone calls or pass on messages to or for any inmate. 
  • Inmates may make person to person calls only.  No third party  (3-WAY) calls. If telephone use is other than direct party to party, such as by code or through a 3-way call, violators may lose telephone privileges permanently.

If you are receiving collect calls from the Clinton County Jail and wish to block these calls, billing information, or are having any type of problem accepting calls, please call Evercom at  1-800-779-2112.


The jail will accept only the following property:

Money and under clothing, clothing must be clean and marked with the inmate's name in order to be accepted and may be left in the Sheriff's Department on the first level of the law center.  They can be left between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday only.

  • Only cash or money orders will be accepted.
  • Legal Documents
  • Following items authorized by the Jail Administrator - Items should be white, clean, or new.  Six pairs of socks, six underwear, six tee shirts.  No pockets, zippers, buttons, draw strings, or writing is allowed on these clothing items.
  • Five pictures not larger than 3" x 5" (we do not accept Polaroids) 
  • All other hygiene supplies, etc. can be purchased on commissary.

Money may be released for the following reasons only:

  • Attorney fees
  • To pay your own fines
  • To post your own bond
  • Commissary Supplies
  • To make your work release payments




Incoming letters may be opened and inspected for contraband or other matters of concern to the Clinton County Jail in regard to security, safety and control.

  • Show complete name and address on the envelope of sending party.
  • Any letters without  return address will be considered non-deliverable or considered contraband and will be returned to the Post Office.
  • Greeting cards larger than 6" x 9" will be placed in the inmates personal property locker and be given to them upon release.