County Assessor

Jill Heims, Clinton County Assessor
Clinton County Administration Building
1900 North Third Street
P.O. Box 2957
Clinton IA 52733-2957

Phone:       (563) 244-0569
FAX:           (563) 244-0577

Clinton County Assessor Beacon Website

The Assessor's office has 2016 Plat Books available to the public, at a cost of $28 each.

The primary function of the County Assessor is  to locate, list and value all real property subject to taxation in his/her respective jurisdiction. 

Locate deals with the physical location of the property.  This is accomplished by utilizing a legal description and a plat map.  Relative location of one property with its immediate neighbors can be readily determined through inspection of the plat map.

Listing of the individual properties entails measurements, attributes of all types as well as observation of several type of depreciation - physical, functional or economic.  A compilation of these factors is assembled on an individual property card which is always available for public inspection.

Valuing is the final step in the taxation process.  Utilizing all the factors previously discussed, they are then individually computed using State supplied manuals, adjusted to conform to local conditions.  The sum total is then given one final test - "Does this value seem reasonable?".  If so, it then becomes the taxable value for purposes of real property tax.

In addition, the Assessor is the one to see for various tax exemption or credit applications:

  • Homestead Tax Credit
  • Military Tax Credit
  • Business Property Tax Credit
  • Family Farm Tax Credit
  • Forest & Fruit Tree
  • Wetland

Any question concerning assessed or taxable value as well as legal description should be addressed to the Assessor.