Clinton County Case Management

Clinton County Case Management provides services for Individuals who are :

  • Chronically Mentally Ill
  • Developmentally Disabled
  • Mentally Retarded

Individual case management services were developed to help you and your family make choices about the kind of services you want, to encourage you to participate in deciding who will provide those services, and to allow you to take responsibility for setting goals and working toward meeting them.

If you are accepted for case management services, you will be assigned a case manager.  Your case manager will have both education and experience in working with people who are Chronically Mentally Ill, have a Developmental Disability and/or are Mentally Retarded.  Your case manager will work with you and your family and together you will:

  • Discuss what you want in services and living arrangements, and how a case manager could assist you in obtaining those services.
  • Decide what agencies or individuals might best provide the services you want.
  • Form an interdisciplinary team in which you will actively participate with your case manager, service providers, family members and other people you choose to be there.  The team will meet together and all of you will decide how everyone can work toward goals you've established.  These goals and responsibilities are written in a document called the Individual Comprehensive Plan (ICP) which all team members sign.

Your Case Manager's Responsibilities

Who Pays for Case Management Services?

Case Management is Consumer driven.  If you want case management services, the choice is yours.  If you would like more information about case management services contact:

Patti Robinson

Tammy Crosthwaite
Lead Case Manager